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Our training center offers an exclusive training program for Mobile Phone, Tablet, and PC/Laptop repair courses. This program is designed to be fully hands-on and accessible to individuals from all backgrounds, with the goal of helping them acquire professional skills in a short period of time. The program has high potential for job opportunities or for starting their own small business. Our objective is to prepare our students to become qualified technicians.

At TecSurgery, we have been providing repair services for many years and hold ourselves to very high standards. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have gained a wealth of knowledge about the industry and continue to improve our practices every day. We offer a wide range of innovative training courses, which we have carefully designed with great attention to detail.

TecSurgery is a consulting firm that specializes in
assisting individuals who wants to work as a tech specialist or they want to start their own tech repair or retail store. Starting a business in the technology industry can be challenging if you lack the necessary knowledge and industry contacts. Our mission is to not only teach you the required skills, but also guide you through the practical steps of setting up your own mobile phone store from scratch. With the help of our professional consultants, we will provide you with the necessary guidance and resources to help you grow your entrepreneurship. We are also willing to provide you with valuable industry contacts to help you succeed in your business endeavours.

We invite you to contact us, visit our website, or come and see
us in person to learn more about the exceptional training courses we offer. Our training program is designed to help students learn and understand core concepts, gain hands-on experience, and become experts in this industry. Additionally, we provide continuous support to our students, including assistance with job searches, business support, and extended post-training support. Come see for yourself how we provide some of the best training in this field.